Consumers Continue To Complain About Defective LG P999 G2X Cell Phone

A class action has been filed against LG Electronics Mobilecomm U.S.A., Inc. on behalf of LG P999 G2X cellular phone owners in United States.

UPDATE: All LG G2x purchasers – notice of class action settlement

Consumers complain the LG P999 G2X cellular phone is plagued with defects, which causes the smartphone to (1) randomly shut off on a regular basis, rendering the phones inoperable and (2) suffer from screen “bleeding,” or causing backlight to leak from parts of the screen, which compromises the display of images on the phone.

Consumers also complain LG knew or should have known about the defects prior to selling or placing the phones in the stream of commerce. Yet LG and its retailers continued to sell the defective P999G2X to consumers.

Plaintiffs also allege LG failed to abide by the terms of its express and implied warranties, by refusing to recall, repair or replace the defective LG phones or their defective parts. Because of the LG phone defects, thousands of consumers who purchased the phones are now stuck with an expensive product that does not operate as advertised.

Consumers report they have to remove and reinsert their LG cellular phone battery several times a day. Shortly after the April 2011 release of the P999 G2X, LG represented to consumers an “update” would address the phone’s defects. But to date, LG has failed to provide any such update and has still not addressed the numerous consumer complaints about the P999 G2X.

The class action seeks to represent all LG P999 G2X cellular phone owners injured by this defect.