Class Action over 2011 MacBook Pro Hard Freeze Defect?

Thousands of 2011 MacBook Pro owners are reporting problems with overheating and “hard freezes” while using multiple or video-intensive apps.

2011 MacBook Pro owners are finding that their high-end notebook computers, which are often purchased specifically for their discrete graphic capabilities, cannot handle graphics intensive programs or multiple applications at one time.  Instead, the MacBooks overheat and cause the notebook to crash, losing unsaved data and requiring a hard restart.

While Apple has encouraged users to do a firmware update to 10.6.7, the mounting complaints indicate that for many, this has not resolved the defect. Many users have posted on Apple’s discussion forum that they have continued to experience the same problem: their computers continue to freeze and crash during moderately high usage even after installing the recommended upgrade.

Apple is apparently telling some of its customers, who are suffering from the hard freeze, that their system is faulty and they need a replacement. But some customers who claim to have received a replacement system are still suffering from problems.